Hibiscus REPSIN Health Club 2079

Hibiscus English Boarding School, Dharan +2 Science had an official Inauguration of HIBISCUS REPSIN HEALTH CLUB 2079-80. The executive members were chosen from different classes who will be working on different health activities inside and outside of the school. Huge congratulations to all the elected members of the club.
Chairperson: Janak Shah
Coordinator: Dibika Rai
Secretary: Fungnima Limbu
Treasurer: Siddhartha Shrestha
Saira Shrestha
Suyog Limbu
Rhythm Shrestha
Khusi Rai
Erik Lwagun
Teacher Coordinator: Chûnshâ Lïmbû
Supporting Teacher: Nayan Raj Rai
Guest Advisor: Ram Kumar Dhamala
Once again Huge congratulations to all the deserving candidates and WISH YOU ALL THE BEST for your tenure.
School Administration
Hibiscus English Boarding School

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