Early Age Nutrition (REPSIN Health Club)

Hibiscus English Boarding School, Dharan +2 Science Law HIBISCUS REPSIN HEALTH CLUB conducted a session on: EARLY AGE NUTRITION in the collaboration with Remote Emergency and Primary Care Services in Nepal – Repsin for the students of secondary level. We are pleased to have today’s trainer Dt. Kala Nepal (Country Manager of REPSIN International/Nutrition Officer) from Star Hospital Kathmandu Nepal . She was welcomed by our Founder Principal madam Parbati Limbu, Founder Vice Principal sir Bijay Sing Thebe and members of REPSIN HEALTH CLUB. Thank you so much madam for such a beautiful session for our beloved students. The whole session was very informative and interactive. Huge congratulations
to all our enthusiastic students for such a beautiful learning. We believe in creating Global Citizen with holistic development.

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