Celebrating National Paddy Day, Asar 15

Celebrating National Paddy Day, Asar 15
What a joyous occasion it was for the students as they celebrated the arrival of Asar 15, also known as National Paddy Day or “Dahi Chiura Khane Din”! This special day holds immense significance as it marks the beginning of paddy plantation, coinciding with the arrival of the much-awaited monsoon season.
The sight of the students happily enjoying their lunch break with bowls of delicious Dahi chiura truly warms the heart. It is heartening to witness our children embracing and preserving our rich national culture from such a tender age.
Let us cherish and appreciate the cultural traditions that bind us as a nation, as we continue to pass them on to future generations. May the spirit of National Paddy Day always remind us of our deep connection with the land and the cycles of nature.

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